The Poem

Each morning we rise before the sun

and begin preparing for the day ahead.

We dress in our uniforms,

turn on the lights and the music,

dress the tables, purify the air...

In the kitchen, fresh crispy vegetables arrive.

Fish, meat, eggs and bread are selected

and coffee is being brewed.

Ovens, stoves and grills are pumping hot

and the doors can now be open wide.

Tomorrow, we'll do it all over again

inspired by the thought that you'll be here.


Poem Bar & Grill is a modern steak house restaurant in the corner of Abbey Road and Boundary Road. Its sleek contemporary interiors, wooden floors and artful lighting creates a unique ambiance - perfect for a romantic dinner, chilling out after work or weekend family gatherings. Live music on Mondays and Thursdays heightens the sophisticated ambiance. Run by Head Chef Ilir Beqiri, Poem Bar and Grill first opened it's doors in 2008.

photo of our famous chips
The à la carte menu changes monthly in order to use most seasonal and freshest vegetables. It offers a mixture of traditional and chef’s signature dishes cooked with daring blends of ingredients and cooking methods. It has a fine selection of wines and champagnes, but also cocktails and aperitifs. Desserts are all fresh and homemade and can be accompanied by finest coffee or selection of teas.

*We’ll let you know what it means when you visit us...

Live jazz music - Wednesday 14 November 2012 @ 19.30
An Evening of Latin Jazz with Gabriela Di Laccio & guitarist Víctor Alarcón & guitarist Víctor Alarcón